The Aim Of This Game Is To Score As High A Score As Possible, And Have Fun!

Keyboard Controls:

Move Left: "A" key
Move Right: "D" key
Drop Down: "S" key
Rotate Right: "E" key
Rotate Left: "Q" key

Tablet / Mobile:

If You Are Using A Tablet Or Mobile Device, You Can Use The Keypad Located Below The Game To Control The Blocks.

Optimal Viewing:

This Game Is Fully Responsive, However, A Screen Width Between 1024px To 1440px And Playing On A Desktop/Laptop Is Optimal.

Difficulty Explained:

In The Settings Menu, You Will Find 3 Difficulty Levels, (Easy, Medium & Hard). These Settings Relate To The Game Starting Difficulty, However, It Is Worth Noting That In All Modes, Difficulty Will Increase As A Game Progresses.


Should you wish to give any feedback on this game. Please use the contact form located on the contact page.


Please Select Your Game & Sound Settings:


Default: On


Default: Easy

Game Over!

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Blocks Away

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Welcome To Blocks Away!

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The JavaScript Version Of A Retro Classic!
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